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Adrene' Elise as known as SPOTLIGHT!


Started her Entrepreneur journey at the age of 14 in her mothers living room. Graduated from Kansas State University May of 2014, with my Triple Major in... Business Administration Human Resources Management, Business Administration General Management and Social Sciences with an minor in Social Work. 

With a background starting businesses, as well as the education behind her, she is set out to helping young people set and scale their businesses in the direction that they want to GROW. 

She is committed to solving complex business challenges using the latest technology and data resources. This combined with her creative and collaborative strategic approach, makes her determined to meet the needs of each client that chooses to partner with Gardner & Associates Firm, LLC.


She specializes in educating others how to start, maintain and scale a profitable business. Adrene' (Spotlight) has created a community through Spotlight My Real to educated and show that if she can do it you can too. Please believe, she will literally get in the trenches with her clients to help make their dreams their realities.​

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We don't sell dreams, We help create realities. 

Adrene' Elise 

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